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Ryan joins ET TU Salad Kits as their first-ever Caesar Salad Ambassador

A Caesar salad made with the ET TU Salad Kit is creamy and delicious! It's no wonder it's CANADA'S NO. 1 SALAD DRESSING. And it’s easy to make, just add lettuce for a great tasting Caesar salad that your guests will love! Visit for simple entertaining ideas, delicious recipes and matching cocktails, of course!

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Tia Maria Tiramisu

If you love to make all sorts of dishes, from stews and roasts to cakes and desserts then it sounds like you are an experienced cook who loves to experiment with new recipes and ingredients. So why not enhance your cooking skills and try making some dishes using alcohol? It actually helps to bring out [...]

EAT: Puerto Vallarta

Bargain Bar

Originally published in The Globe and Mail

Events: Past 'n' Future

CityLine, CITY TV, aired February 9, 2009
Click here to watch Ryan’s “Singles Only Valentines Day” segment on CityLine.


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Shaken and Stirred

Shaken and Stirred Dave and Ryan are back with another Booze-lover's bible and take the guesswork out of throwing fabulous parties! Pre-order your copy of Entertaining with Booze: Designer Drinks, Fabulous Food and Inspired Ideas for your Next Party today and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

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Cooking with Booze is quite simply about eating and drinking, though not necessarily in that order. With its cheeky 20-something perspective, Cooking with Booze delivers a menu of contemporary urban fare complemented by hearty classics. From brunch to desserts, risottos to barbecue, it's a book that sees the liquor cabinet as an extension of the spice rack.

"The tips are practical and the recipes delicious, the book is cheeky and fun, right from the cover, with its photo of a lobster claw holding a classic martini."

Joanne Sasvari, Calgary Herald.

"All three of the recipes we tested were inspirational and very fine in flavour. Dining on giant seared scallops with a tomatoey-coconutty Swahili sauce was a joyful new adventure."

Susan Sampson, Toronto Star

"Cooking with Booze combines great food with a wide range of alcohol from the simple to the exotic."

Ken Carriere, Globe and Mail